Killer Company: Goodguide - how healthy is your shampoo?

Goodguide, an absolute killer company that just minutes ago launched at Techcrunch50 does great things:

They have researched over 60′000 products that are being sold within North America to find out what their ingredients are. The products are then rated in three categories Health Performance,¬† Environmental Performance¬† and Social Performance.

So for example I researched a product that I was using:

This information is absolutely great. This company is going to change it all. Think about the impact it will have on products, companies, and even politics! Finally consumers can buy the best products and can punish companies that make unhealthy products or pay their workers to little.

I’m thrilled.

One Response to “Killer Company: Goodguide - how healthy is your shampoo?”

  1. Andi Says:

    How do I know the rankings are not influenced by economic interests? How do they make sure a company can’t pay to achieve better rankings without actually changing their business?

    I still really doubt the company is going to change anything.

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