Facebook Switzerland reaches 1 million users

Yes it’s true. Just recently I posted that Facebook Switzerland had reached 10% of the population, and now we’ve already reached another milestone: 1 million Swiss residents are on Facebook! (Actually already 1′071′000)

That is the equivalent of 14.2% of the population(!). This is a 42% increase in less than two months.

If you look at the graph, you can see that the growth is still accelerating.

At what level is the market saturated?

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4 Responses to “Facebook Switzerland reaches 1 million users”

  1. Andi Says:

    You’re right. I’ve noticed quite a few people signing up who I never believed would ever sign up on facebook. It’s turned from a college / university student network into a high school student network, therwith into a “whole population social network”. I’ve even heard from many mums signing up, which means that all those guys at work out there are still included in the market potential. This also means that we’ll have a long way to go until the market is saturated.


  2. Neil Says:

    Switzerland is a little behind the wave - but i still think it’s a fad - a fair chunk of these new users will stop actively using Facebook after a few months (they’ll still be listed as users though - as it’s virtually impossible to close a Facebook account once it’s open).

    Let’s say 200% annual growth rate - so 4 million users in 2 years - saturation point surely? But it might take longer than 2 years because of the hole in the bucket.

  3. Sam Says:

    I don’t think Switzerland is behind the wave if you compare to other German speaking countries. For instance Germany has around 1.6 million (? don’t have exect numbers) Facebook users (but 18 million inhabitants). Compared to Germany, Switzerland ist an early adapter! :-)

  4. Flavio about Business 2.0 » Blog Archive » Swiss Party Portals - is the party over? Says:

    [...] As Marc points out, the party mostly seems over for the party portals, seeing massive decrease in visitors, mainly because they were the first social networks to exist in Switzerland, had massive growth and users; But now Facebook, with its global reach, innovating rapidly and providing a relatively slick userinterface has taken the entire market. [...]

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