Swiss Party Portals - is the party over?

A lot has happened in the past year in the market for Swiss party portals, famous for being a phenomenon only existing in Switzerland.
Just a few days ago, it was announced that tillate founders sold a big chunk of their stake to tamedia and now hold less than 14% in the company.
In september, Axel Springer bought and

As Marc points out, the party mostly seems over for the party portals, seeing massive decrease in visitors, mainly because they were the first social networks to exist in Switzerland, had massive growth and users; But now Facebook, with its global reach, innovating rapidly and providing a relatively slick userinterface has taken the entire market.

Good for the founders to have sold now, as I don’t expect visitor numbers for any of these portals to increase in the future.

Just look at these numbers for Tillate:

Tough times for tillate

Tough times for tillate

Laut und Spitz is not faring better:

Laut und Spitz Losing Ground

Laut und Spitz Losing Ground is doing a little better, maybe because the rely less heavily on social networking but provide good insights into what parties are going down for a specific day/city. doing a bit better doing a bit better

To me these acquisitions look almost as bad as Holtzbrinck’s buying of Studivz, which is still not profitable and has again replaced their CEO, while Facebook is growing rapidly and already has over 1.4 mio German users.

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  1. Sash Says:

    the facebook juggernaut rolls on and mows down everything in its path :)

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